For the last couple of decades there has been an accelerating transition from the industrial age to the information age. It has been a bumpy ride for many who have not grasped the implications of this transition.

Just as there was turmoil when we transitioned from the agricultural age to the industrial age so it is today during this reformation.

Here in the U.S. we are moving on to a new era of information brokering. Just think of all the work-at-home jobs, flex hours and service providers we see. A number of  corporations have arranged for employees to work at least part of the time from home, cutting down on commuting hours and providing a more family friendly environment.

Many ordinary people are making millions of dollars a year selling information and providing services on the internet. Rather than trying to compete with manufacturing jobs we should be “retooling” to supply innovations, inventions, and information to the rest of the world. I am aware of at least one small, local business that ships a significant percent of their products overseas through internet marketing.

Here at Quality Living Enterprises, we strive to help small businesses develop strategies to succeed in the new Information Age.

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