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Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup: Find Owner Of Cell Phone Number

– Whatever the requirement (to ascertain the identity of harassing callers, learn who somebody is chatting with every night, or whose number that is on a spouses caller ID etc.) the internet now allows us to acquire information which previously would have needed a lot of cash and time. By doing a Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup you can instantly lookup unlisted fixed phone numbers and cell phone numbers and receive information about the phone owner within just a few minutes.

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Plenty of people waste a lot of time trying to find a free Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup online that might supply you cellular phone owner information. And loads of reverse phone services on the web claim to offer a free reverse number search, but in reality you are either told a) That the reverse cellular phone search is not possible and need to pay for the search b) You will be have to hand over your own personal info (and verify it) so that you can perform a free reverse lookup. And your personal cell info will probably be sold! c) They just send you to a pay site with no further mention of free reverse searches. Of course in reality there is no such thing as a free reverse cellular phone search. Information about cell phones is kept by the mobile phone carriers and to gain access to these databases reverse phone lookup providers have to pay the carriers.

Some benefits of performing a reverse cell phone lookup are that you are able to discover any details about lots of people at once or even just the numbers themselves. You can get the details of your reverse lookup in only a couple of minutes and information supplied will include the name and current address of the people you may be searching for. Your search can be done in the privacy of your own home with no one realising it was done or who did it.

Remember, never disclose Your private details (credit card no, name, address, phone number etc.) to any reverse lookup site that states to provide a free service. With a reliable paid reverse service your confidential info is safe and your identity will be kept secret, and undoubtedly they should never let out that You performed a reverse phone search. Some paid sites will also allow you to “opt out” of their system database so that your private info and phone number will not be listed.

Cell Phone Reverse Number Lookup

Text to Landline Service launched Northwest Missouri Cellular

– July 2010 – TeleMessage, a leading developer of messaging solutions, is pleased to announce that Northwest Missouri Cellular, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hawkeye Switching LLC, has launched its Text to Landline application.

Northwest Missouri Cellular customers can now send text messages to landline phones and receive replies back. The new text messaging feature allows cellular customers to send text messages to home phones all over the US and Canada by simply typing the landline number into the “TO” field instead of a mobile number, typing a message and sending it off. It is no different than sending a regular text message to a mobile phone. The message is then delivered to the home phone as a voice message. The home phone recipient can even respond back using their own voice. The Northwest Missouri Cellular customer will also receive a status text message telling him if the message was delivered to a live person or a voicemail or answering machine and a reply text message if the home phone recipient replies.  

“The application is mostly used by young people communicating with their parents that do not text message letting them know where they are and what they are doing” says Mark Carlin, Vice President of Sales for the Americas at TeleMessage. ?Kids don’t call any more it is all about text messaging. Now more parents know what their kids are doing.”

“This was one of the easiest implementations we have ever done. It did not require any connections, hardware or resources. TeleMessage simply turned it on.” says Roger Bundridge General Manager of Northwest Missouri Cellular.

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About TeleMessage

TeleMessage, a fully owned subsidiary of AIM-traded Messaging International Plc (AIM: MES.LN), provides cross-platform media messaging management systems and applications.  These are designed to enable PC, browser, mobile phone and wireline telephone users to send, receive and manage voice messages, email, text, MMS and IM across various media platforms.  It supports multiple languages, text to speech conversion, e-mail notification, unlimited text length, and direct reply to text capabilities, all illustrating the uniqueness of the service. For more information, please visit

About Northwest Missouri Cellular

Northwest Missouri Cellular is the B-side wireless provider for Missouri RSA-1. NWMC is a locally owned and operated communications company serving Atchison, Holt, Nodaway, Worth, and Gentry counties. NWMC Limited Partnership was formed in 1989 as a strategic alliance between Oregon Farmers Mutual Company, Grand River Mutual Telephone Cooperative, IAMO Telephone, Alltel Mobile Communications, and Southwestern Bell Wireless.

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TeleMessage offers unique messaging services and products that enable service providers and enterprises to send, receive, and manage voice, text and multimedia messages from any communication medium.