The product has provided Chess with support for the full WLR3 product set and significantly enhanced the company’s operational and business support systems.

In 2005 the UK’s communications regulator OFCOM stipulated that BT must open up its wholesales services to independent providers. In response, BT has spun off its wholesale arm into a new company called Openreach, which will provide a ?level playing field’ to independent Telco Providers such as Chess Telecom in the UK who buy and sell phone services to business and private customers. However, before they can access these new services the independent operators have to be able to link their internal ordering systems to Openreach using a standard called Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3)

Chess Telecom primarily adopted SingularityWLR3 to compete with tier one telecoms providers and to help streamline other business processes. The investment in the product has surpassed all expectations and the company are realizing the additional benefits to their bottom line quickly.

WLR3 provides Chess Telecom with complete equivalence with BT Retail presenting them with a huge opportunity to significantly enhance their competitive edge by being able to offer ?like-for-like’ products and services as BT Retail at a low cost supported by exceptional customer service.

“We chose Singularity because they have a great product, they listened to our needs, they understood our business and they could deliver a solution fast. Our investment in WLR3 allows us to raise the bar in terms of providing exceptional service for our customers and partners,” said Julie Wright, Operations Director at Chess Telecom.

The SingularityWLR3 product is based on its successful and award winning Business Process Management (BPM) software. This created a platform for Chess to use the WLR3 solution to integrate with its existing operational and business support systems, as well as WLR2. That integration was essential for Chess, as it avoided the time-consuming, expensive and potentially error inducing re-inputting of key data.

The new system scores very highly across all the priorities: integration, data security and functionality, ticking all the boxes and more. Operatives have become more skilled when dealing with customers through the intuitive nature of the system. The user is prompted to ask relevant questions whilst taking orders or handling a fault complaint thus reducing order rejection by Openreach and assisting Chess to support customers in making the right choices. Other operational improvements achieved include; real time order and fault monitoring; assurance improvements; higher levels of speed and accuracy; improved customer and partner satisfaction; and greater flexibility in the sale of additional services.

“Chess is very satisfied with the WLR3 platform and the operational improvements it has achieved. Singularity are overjoyed that our WLR3 product has not only met the initial requirement but that Chess are enjoying the return on investment and reaping the benefits of enhanced operational and business support systems through the BPM element of the SingularityWLR3 product,” commented Dr Robert McGarry, Telecoms Director, Singularity

About Chess:

Chess Telecom is one of the UK’s fastest growing telecoms companies specializing in the SME sector, providing a comprehensive communications product portfolio including mobile, fixed line and calls, BlackBerry, broadband and VoIP. Operating in a highly competitive arena, for Chess, efficiency, cost and responsiveness are essential to winning and retaining customers.

The company was established in 1993 and has since grown rapidly, both organically and as one of the most successful acquirers in the sector. Chess Telecom has used a combination of skill, experience, innovation and exceptional customer service to deliver great value, quality communications solutions to businesses throughout the UK. For more information visit

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